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Graphic of Professor Quester Congratulations to this year's 2013 Energy Calendar winners. It was a difficult choice for the judges as hundreds of students throughout California submitted their exciting and creative artwork.

Thank you to every one of you for participating in my favorite project and a huge round of applause for the teachers who encouraged their students to reach a bit higher.

For those of you who entered, your teacher should be receiving Energy Quest certificates, pencils, and other fun stuff in the mail this month. Don't forget, if you want a copy of the 2013 calendar, return the red postcard that is in your teacher's package to me.

The student's artwork will be available on-line soon. Hope to see your illustration next year in this space.

signature of Prof Q

    Donnice C., Grade 3, Westmont Elementary School, Pomona
    Jennifer Z., Grade 3, Salon Art School, Pleasanton
    Teryl H., Grade 4, Valley View Elementary School, Richmond
    Yoona L., Grade 4, La Crescenta Elementary School, La Crescenta
    Berwin Z., Grade 4, Ranch Hills Elementary School, Pomona
    Lena A., Grade 5, Oakdale Heights Elementary School, Oroville
    Tiffany L., Grade 6, Ling's Art Studio, Castro Valley
    Iris S., Grade 7, Ruth O. Harris Middle School, Bloomington
    Julia Y., Grade 7, Seoul Arts Academy, Torrance
    Sophia D., Grade 8, Toby Johnson Middle School, Elk Grove
    Madeleine G., Grade 8, Muirlands Middle School, La Jolla
    Do Hee K., Grade 8, Williams Middle School, Tracy.

    Honorable Mention:

    Madelyne S-G., Grade 3, Pine Grove Elementary School, Santa Maria
    Lily P., Grade 4, Roosevelt Elementary School, Santa Barbara
    Stuti R., Grade 6, Sutter Middle School, Folsom
    Bianca N., Grade 8, Riverview Middle School, Bay Point

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