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Professor Quester Announces
2014 Contest Winners

Graphic of Professor Quester Congratulations to this year's 2014 Energy Calendar winners. It was a difficult choice for the judges as hundreds of students throughout California submitted their exciting and creative artwork.

Thank you to every one of you for participating in my favorite project and a huge round of applause for the teachers who encouraged their students to reach a bit higher.

signature of Prof Q

    • Emily P. – Pine Grove Elementary School, Grade 3 – “Go Green”
    • Emily W. – Duveneck Elementary School, Grade 3 – “Energy from Natural Renewable Sources”
    • Ace Y. – Oakdale Heights Elementary School, Grade 3 – “Wind Power”
    • Asutosh J. – Joshua Chadbourne Elementary School, Grade 4 – “Future Energy”
    • Kacey K. – Overland Elementary School, Grade 4 – “Solar Power”
    • Cole C. – Loma Vista Elementary School, Grade 5 – “Energy for Life”
    • Berwin Z. – Ranch Hills Elementary School, Grade 5 – “Saving Energy”
    • Shipra I. – Mission San Jose Elementary School, Grade 5 – “Plug to Natural Energy”
    • Eva-lyn M. – Dorothy McElhinney Middle School, Grade 6 – “Spring Winds”
    • Jessica F. – Yumei’s Center for Artistic Inspiration, Grade 6 – “Save our Precious Energy”
    • Karly H. – Yunhua Fang Art Studio, Grade 6 – “A Green Community Born from the World’s Efforts”
    • Rishita K. – Winston Churchill Middle School, Grade 6 – “Both Sides”
    • Nicole K. – Harvard Westlake School, Grade 7 – “A New Form of Energy”
    • Kaitlin H. – Studio of Arts, Grade 7 – “Renewable Winter”
    • Rhee K. – Joaquin Miller Middle School, Grade 7 – “A Green Idea”
    • Amanda D. – Joaquin Miller Middle School, Grade 8 – “Light Up the Earth”
    • Monica T. – Yumei’s Center for Artistic Inspiration, Grade 8 – “Painting a Better World”

    View the winning entries on the Art Gallery main page!

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