"Maybe we should solve the riddle and see if the triangle of light appears," Morgan suggested. "What was it again, Collin?"

Collin blew out a puff of air. "Okay, here goes. As mighty as machines can be, this alone can set you free."

"Mighty machines," Courtney repeated. "Let's see. Mighty rockets. Mighty computers."

"Even buses," Morgan added.

"We've developed lots and lots of machines since Franklin was trying to discover electricity," Collin pointed out. "Maybe what's important is imagination."

"Of course!" Morgan exclaimed, "and the search for knowledge, with those unexpected results that Mrs. Lee's father talked about!"

"Look! Courtney yelled. "The triangle."

They wasted no time dashing across the room and jumping into the bright light of the portal that had formed. In only a moment they were standing in the void -- safe, they hoped.

"I bet that MP goes crazy trying to figure out how we got out of a locked room," Collin laughed. "I can just imagine the search that's taking place."

"That took place, you mean," Morgan said. That was thirty-six years ago."

Silence! I require the answer to the riddle. Now!

Morgan stepped forward, and Collin and Courtney stood on either side. "The answer's human imagination," Morgan stated. "The quest for answers."

Laughter rumbled around them.

And what have you brought back for me?

Collin frowned. He looked at Morgan, at Courtney. Shaking his head, he whispered, "I didn't bring anything back. Did you?"

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