Courtney and Morgan shook their heads, too.

"We're in for it now," Collin said nervously, as he gripped Courtney's and Morgan's hands and moved toward the puzzle.

He looked down at the puzzle face and saw six odd-shaped recesses arranged around the last remaining hole.

"They look almost like footprints," Courtney whispered.

"You"re right," said Morgan softly. "What do they mean?"

"I don't have a clue," Collin muttered.

"I think I do," Courtney said. "And I hope I'm right."

She looked around the void and began to speak in a loud, clear voice to the strange entity that had been sending them on one quest after another. "What we brought back for you is ourselves, armed with the knowledge of millions of years. We brought back an appreciation for learning and for the people who've spent their lives looking for answers."

"Cool answer, Court," Collin said, and then he added a little bit more. "We brought back the fact that Edison didn't do well in school."

"And that girl scientists didn't have an easy time of it. But they still succeeded," Morgan threw in.

"In addition to all that," Collin said, "I've brought back the realization that maybe science isn't as dull and dumb as I thought, and that maybe I can turn 'F's into 'A's on my test papers by using my brain instead of adding another line to the side of the 'F'."

"And the footsteps mean that we have to jump in with both feet," Courtney said. "We may not know where we're going, but if we don't search for answers, we'll never go anywhere. The more experiments we do in the quest for knowledge, the more we can discover, sometimes just by accident."

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