"Great answer," Collin said, cheering his sister on. "And I think we're the missing piece of the puzzle. I think those footsteps were made just for us." He stepped up onto the puzzle piece.

"I hope you're right," Morgan said, taking Collin's extended hand.

"Only one way to tell for sure. Come on."

Collin, Courtney and Morgan circled the footprints, looking for the depressions that might fit each of them the best. Finally they each took a deep breath and, with a solemn nod, they slid their feet into the impressions.
Lightning flashed around the void, bouncing here, there and everywhere. Thunder echoed loud and long, and the whispery laugh and gusty air caught at their hair, their clothes, and tried to pull them away.

"You promised if we solved all eight riddles we could go home. Well, we've solved them, so let us go!" Collin demanded.

But it seemed no use at all. No fiery ball whooshed from the sky to open another portal. The laughter continued, the thunder and lightning roared.

And a cold chill ran up Collin's spine when the void surrounding them began to disintegrate, growing smaller and smaller as The Darkness crept toward them.


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