He turned back as a tall, dark-haired woman with a ponytail and bangs walked to the front of the bleachers. She was dressed a lot like Beaver Cleaver's mom -- only she was younger and prettier, like the college student who came in to help Mrs. Lee occasionally.

"Class," the lady said in a rather nice voice, "separation means the capsule has blasted free of the rocket. It's now flying alone. Astronaut Shepard is nearing the highest point in his flight. My father told me he will be flying more than seven times the speed of sound. Imagine that!"

She looked once more at the diminishing trail of smoke. She had a smile on her face when she turned back. "Watching something like this shows just how exciting science and the exploration of new worlds -- whether in space or through a microscope -- can be. I know you'll find the rest of the tour just as interesting."

Waving for her students to follow, the woman walked toward an old yellow school bus. "Come on, class, let's get back on the bus and go to the blockhouse."

While the rest of the kids scrambled down from the bleachers, Collin turned to Morgan and Courtney. "That teacher looks awfully familiar. Maybe she's somebody famous."

"I thought the same thing," Morgan said, "but I can't place her. I tried to see her name on the ID badge she is wearing, but she was standing too far away."

"I don't know who she is, either," Courtney added, "but maybe we should sort of pretend we're part of her class. I don't know if you've noticed, but that big gorilla that dragged us away from the fence is standing watch with two guys even bigger than him. And they're staring right at us."

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