Heck! Collin didn't care about any of those things. He could skateboard better than any other kid in town. He was a whiz at Nintendo, and he could sink ten out of ten baskets -- most of the time. Science didn't matter. Not to Collin.

But it did to his dad, and that "F" he'd just turned into an "A" would make him a hero at home tonight. The whole family might even go out for pizza to celebrate.

Collin leaned back in his seat, thinking about pepperoni and pinball machines. Maybe he'd ask Morgan to join his family for their night on the town. Morgan was pretty. She was smart, too. His mom and dad might even give him a bonus on his allowance for getting a good grade and for getting a smart new girlfriend. Life was starting to look pretty good.

"Tell me, Collin," he heard the teacher say.

Collin? Collin? Oh, yeah, that was his name. He looked to the front of the class. His dad might have one evil eye, but Mrs. Lee had two, and both of them were staring right at Collin.

"Yes, Mrs. Lee," he said, hoping she wouldn't ask him some stupid question he couldn't possibly answer.

"If you're through daydreaming, could you please tell the class the proper name for moving energy?" his teacher asked.

Collin's eyes widened. He didn't have an answer. He turned his head to the left and looked at his twin sister, Courtney, for help, but she was looking the other way, passing a note to her best friend, Morgan.


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