Maybe brainy Morgan could help. He looked at the girl of his dreams, and her big brown eyes gazed right back. She looked sad. No, that wasn't it. She looked sympathetic. She felt sorry for him. Heck, he didn't want anyone feeling sorry for him!

For the first time in his entire life, Collin wished he had studied his science.

"I can't wait much longer, Collin," Mrs. Lee said. Her voice was much louder now. She was standing right next to his desk. He could hear her tapping the toe of her shoe on the floor. And he saw her two evil eyes when he looked in her face.

Collin swallowed hard. "I don't know the answer," he finally admitted.

Mrs. Lee shook her head. "Does anyone else know the answer?"

Morgan slowly raised her hand. "I do," she said quietly.

Of course she knew the answer, Collin thought. Morgan always knew the answers. Morgan always paid attention in class and got great grades, too. Well, science was boring and learning all that stuff wasn't the least bit important. Why should he care about moving energy or thermodynamics or why his town was named Kinetic? He was an athlete, after all, and science didn't have a thing to do with jumping higher, running faster, or hitting the ball harder.

In Collin's mind, science was better off ignored, and Collin could ignore people or school work better than anyone!

So, he looked right past Mrs. Lee who was lecturing about something unimportant, past his sister who was writing another note, past Morgan who was concentrating on every one of Mrs. Lee's words, and stared through the window that looked out across the cornfields of Kinetic, California.

The cornfields were gone.

The lamp posts were gone.

The big yellow school bus that was always parked outside was missing, too.

All Collin saw was darkness.

He swallowed hard.


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