ttention! Attention!" Principal Donovan's voice boomed over the loudspeaker. "A minor storm has blown into Kinetic."

It didn't look like a minor storm to Collin! He pushed out of his seat and rushed to the window. He could see the concrete walk outside his classroom. He could see the asphalt path winding through the green and brown lawn on its way to the parking lot. But he couldn't see the parking lot, or the cars, or anything beyond the lawn.

Only darkness.

"Please stay in your classrooms," Principal Donovan said. "This storm should pass through town very soon."

Collin spun around to face Mrs. Lee. "That's not like any storm I've ever seen. There's no lightning. No thunder. No rain." Collin ran back to his desk and snatched his backpack from the floor. "I think we should get out of here."

Mrs. Lee laughed. "Now, now, Collin. You're letting your imagination run wild. Principal Donovan said there's nothing to worry about. Please. Sit back at your desk so we can continue our science discussion."

"Not on your life!"

Collin grabbed his sister's hand. "Come on, Courtney."

"Sit down, Collin," Mrs. Lee bellowed. "Now!"

Collin ignored Mrs. Lee, but he couldn't ignore the commotion behind him as he dragged Courtney across the classroom. All the students were laughing. Mrs. Lee was yelling. They must have thought he was daydreaming again -- but this wasn't a fantasy. Not this time. There was something big and awful outside, and Collin had no desire to get caught up in it. He didn't want Courtney caught, either.

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