organ tumbled head over heels in the tunnel, frightened of the dark, frightened of what awaited her and her friends at the end, frightened even more that there might not be an end to this horrible nightmare. Would she still be stuck in the void when she was old and gray? she wondered. What about her plans for college, for medical school? She wanted to go into research. She wanted to discover the cures for cancer and the common cold. She couldn't do any of those things if she was trapped in the dark...forever.

Wind whipped at her hair and face. Something smacked her in the back, and her elbow collided with something hard.

"Ouch! That's my head you're hitting."

It was Collin's voice she heard, and in spite of her fears, she laughed. At least she wasn't spinning out of control all by herself.

Suddenly a whoosh of air breezed over her cheek, around her ear. It was warm, like someone's breath, and then she heard that whispery, laughing voice, the one that had insisted they hurry into this dark, horrid hole.

The source of all energy is the key to your return. Look to the triangle.

The words echoed inside her head, again and again. The source of all energy is the key to your return. Look to the triangle. What did the words mean? Were they clues to help them find the puzzle piece?


Morgan's hands and knees smashed into something warm, wet, slimy, and totally disgusting. Her feet and legs slid deep, deep into the goo, as if the muck was trying to suck her in. Somehow she managed to get her hands out, but she couldn't climb out of the deepening pool.

"Collin! Courtney!" she cried out through the thick blanket of fog that rolled around her.

"We're over here, Morg." It was Collin's voice, and nothing had ever sounded so good.

"I can't see you," she yelled. "I'm stuck in quicksand or something. Help me, please."

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