Morgan looked at Collin and Courtney. She saw the fear in their faces. The same fear she felt knotting in the pit of her stomach. They hadn't brought anything back with them.

She looked down. The fog was up to her knees now. It was cold and damp. Her heart thundered in her chest.

They were doomed.

Quickly she searched her pockets. Nothing. Again she looked at Courtney. At Collin. His fists were tightened. Suddenly she remembered.

"The tree branch, Collin. Do you still have part of it?"

Collin frowned, and slowly opened his hand. "It was a stick. Now it's just ... a lump...a lump of coal."

The light flickered again.

Thunder erupted. Louder. Louder.

"That must be the puzzle piece, Collin. Try it," Morgan urged. "Hurry!"

"It's just an old piece of coal," Collin said, but he was running toward the hole in the puzzle. "What if this isn't it?"

Wind whizzed around them and the whispery voice echoed again and again and again. Fill in the puzzle. Now!

Collin stood over the irregular shaped puzzle piece, and Courtney and Morgan stood at his side. The hole was big enough to suck three kids away to a prehistoric land. It was much bigger than the lump of coal, too, but Morgan didn't want to think about what would happen if the puzzle piece didn't fit.


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