"Oh, great! Now we'll have to watch out for alligators," Courtney grumbled.

But Collin just laughed. "At least you can see alligators, and they don't laugh at you and tell you to solve stupid puzzles."

"Yeah, but that crazy voice didn't stink," Courtney said, pinching her nose. "It smells like something really big died around here."

Morgan took a whiff of the stuff stuck to her arms and wrinkled her nose. "It smells like rotten eggs. It must be sulfur or something." She scrubbed harder at her arms with the fern, but it didn't do much good. "I smelled something like this at a landfill once."

"What's a landfill?" Collin interrupted.

"A dump! A big old hole in the land that we fill with all sorts of disgusting trash. My dad says that all the rotting food and stuff smells like some kind of gas."

"Gas? Like from the stove?" Courtney asked.

"No." Morgan said shaking her head. "That's different. Besides, the gas from your stove doesn't really smell. My dad says they have to add something to it to make it smell so you'll know if you have a gas leak."

"Okay," Courtney said, "then what kind of gas are we smelling?"

"It comes from rotting plants. My dad said it was..." Morgan frowned, trying to remember what her dad had called it. "I think it started with an M."

"Maybe it's called Morgan," joked Collin pinching his nose.

"How rude!" Morgan snapped back. "It's not Morgan. It's Methane."

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