Finally they had the fabric secured to one of the poles, and with help from the crew they wedged the oar upright into a hatch. The other oar was jammed into another hatch, and the fabric was immediately stretched between the two. Courtney, Morgan and Collin worked furiously to fasten the fabric to the pole while the crew secured the newly-made masts with rope tied to the sides of the boat.

In less than a heartbeat the ship surged forward. The darkness and the pirates began to fall further and further behind.

Everyone began to cheer -- with the exception of the captain whose brows knit together as he stared at the fabric blowing his ship across the water. Slowly he clasped his hands behind his back and walked to the bow.

Collin, Courtney and Morgan followed. "We've saved your ship," Collin said. "You didn't have a motor, and your slaves couldn't row any faster, so we used the wind for power."

"I do not understand these strange things. You may be spies, yet you can teach me much."

The captain's words were interrupted by Courtney's yell. "Look! Over there. It's the triangle."

Off in the distance Collin saw an odd, wavery undersea glow -- a large triangle of light, just like the one they'd seen in the prehistoric jungle.

"It's the way home," Collin whispered, then he looked at the captain. "We must head for that light in the water."

The captain was shaking his head. "I have never seen such a light. We must flee!"

Collin grabbed the captain's arm. "Trust me. Go toward it."

The captain didn't look too sure, but he called out orders to head for the light.

The ship whooshed through the water, speeding along with the help of the sail, but the triangle was fading, growing smaller and smaller as they got close.

There was no time for a long goodbye. Collin grabbed Courtney's hand and Morgan's, and they ran to the edge of the ship and started to climb up on the side.

"You cannot go," the captain yelled, grabbing on to Collin's arm.

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