"We have to," Collin said. "That light's our only way home."

"You will drown in the sea. And, I do not want you to leave. With your knowledge I can be a very powerful man."

"Design sails for all the ships," Collin told him. "They will make you powerful -- and rich."

The captain laughed. "Rich is good."

The captain seemed content. In a way Collin thought staying might be fun. He rather liked the captain, but the triangle was fading, and they had friends at home they needed to save. So without any more thought, he climbed up on the side of the boat with Morgan and Courtney following, and they jumped into the warm Mediterranean waters and through the triangle of light.

It wasn't a tunnel -- just a portal between the past and the void and in less than a heartbeat they were back at the puzzle. Their clothes dripped. Their hair dripped, and they were making big puddles of salt water on the invisible floor.

All three took a deep breath. "We've made it."

The answer. I must have the answer!

"Can't we rest first?" Collin asked the eerie half laughing, half whispering voice. He'd just fought off pirates, captained a ship, invented sails -- and he was tired.

There's no time to rest. Hurry! I need the answer!

"Okay, okay!" Collin said. "It's the wind."

"When it breezes around us, it's just like a whisper," Morgan said

"And in the middle of a storm it roars," Courtney added.

"And we harnessed it with a sail. We captured its energy to make a ship go faster. Now," Collin huffed, "can we get out of here?"

Two down. Six to go, the whispery voice said, and its laughter bounced all around the void. The puzzle piece. Have you brought it?

Collin looked at Morgan and Courtney. "Did you bring anything back?"

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