The girls shook their heads. "What about you?"

Collin shook his head, too. He'd been too busy solving the captain's problems to think about puzzle pieces.

Suddenly Courtney started to laugh and she ripped the headband from Collin's brow.

"It's a piece of the cloth we used for the sail."

The puzzle. Quickly!

Courtney ran to the black hole in the puzzle and dropped the cloth. It billowed. Wind whooshed around trying to get by, but the cloth stretched and expanded, covering the hole, again harnessing the wind.

Once more the fiery ball zoomed through the sky and hit another blank piece of the puzzle, opening a new, oddly shaped black hole.

"Oh, no!" Collin exclaimed. "Does that mean we have to go? I'm tired."

Thunder crashed around them. Black fog slithered around their feet. The darkness was coming -- again.

"Well," he sighed, "I guess it's time for another adventure," he said.

"Maybe we'll go someplace modern this time," Morgan said.

"Someplace dry would be nice," Courtney added.

"I just hope they have good food," Collin said, grabbing hold of his companions. "A hamburger maybe."

"French fries."

"Ice cream."
The kids looked at each other, linked arms, and without thinking about the consequences or what horrible thing might await them in that deep, dark hole, they jumped, falling down, down, down through a bright golden haze.


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