"You might not believe that we can go through that light and return home, but it's all part of our scientific journey," Morgan said. "And if we don't go now, we'll fail."

Leonardo raised an eyebrow, his thoughtful, questioning mind wondering about her words. Finally he said, "I will tell the guards to let you pass. Perhaps I shall go to Kinetic someday on a scientific journey of my own and we can talk more of our dreams and of the future."

Collin grabbed her hand and pulled her through the door. The three ran quickly down the stairway, into the courtyard, and through the shrinking triangle of light.

They were back at the puzzle in less than a heartbeat. Morgan first, then Courtney, and finally Collin. Courtney looked around at the bright white light, at the puzzle they still needed to complete.

The puzzle piece. Did you bring it?

It was the laughing, whispery voice. Courtney had forgotten all about it, choosing to think, instead, of Leonardo's voice. He'd been a wonderful singer, she remembered reading someplace, but she hadn't had time to hear his songs. He was an artist, a sculptor, an architect, and the man who first used hydropower. He was one of the greatest men who ever lived, and he had been kind to them. It made her sad to realize that nobody in a million years would ever believe she had actually met him..

The puzzle piece! The whispery voice gushed through the void, bouncing off the walls.

Standing next to the puzzle, Collin looked to his left and saw a key-shaped outline.

"Okay, okay," he said. "I've got the puzzle piece right here." He waved the key from Leonardo's door into the air. "I forgot to leave this. I'll just put it on the puzzle. Then you can send us off to some other crazy place."

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