He tossed the key at the outline on the stone slab, but the key just bounced off, clanging onto the floor. Darkness oozed through the walls faster than ever before.

It didn't fit! The puzzle piece was wrong!

Collin picked up the key from the floor. All three of them looked at it in horror. Looking closer, they could see that the key shape on the puzzle was twisted and bent, not like Leonardo's key at all.

They have lost! They are mine!

"Hey, wait a minute. We know the answer to the clue," Courtney yelled as the inky black fog slithered around her legs.

"It's water," Morgan called out quickly. "It runs all day. It never tires, and it doesn't feel any pain when it falls."

That is correct, the whispery voice echoed. But where is the puzzle piece?

"If the key isn't it, what is?" Collin asked. He looked at Courtney and Morgan with fear in his eyes as the darkness wrapped around their knees and was slowly working its way up to their waists.

"Did anybody bring anything else back? Think, everyone!" shouted Courtney desperately.

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