Collin stuck the key back in his pocket and pulled out a crumpled piece of parchment.

"Leonardo's sketch of the water device?" asked Courtney.

"I guess I stuck it in my pocket when I saw the triangle," he said. He unfolded the drawing carefully.

"Hurry, Collin! Hurry!" Morgan cried.

Laughter rang out throughout the void as Collin struggled to push his way through the dark that was wrapped around his knees. He fell forward and tossed the wrinkled parchment at the puzzle.

The drawing dropped onto the blackened hole in the puzzle piece to his right.

Water bubbled from the hole. It churned and spouted, and when it stopped, the piece of parchment with the sketch of Leonardo's water lifting device filled the oddly shaped hole.

Thunder crashed. No! No! They must be mine, but the laughter rang out and the darkness slithered back through the microscopic holes in the walls of bright light.

Immediately a ball of fire whizzed down and struck the puzzle, opening another tunnel to another mysterious place.

"Already?" Collin asked. "Don't we get to catch our breath?"


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