Indeed? Did you bring me the piece of the puzzle?

It was the whispering, laughing voice. Only this time it wasn't laughing.

Collin pulled da Vinci's now twisted and charred key from his pocket. "We tried it before. But this time I think it will work."

Morgan looked down at the blackened hole that was oddly misshapen, like the key. Please let it be the right piece!

Collin tossed the key. Heat and light radiated from the hole as the key grew bigger and bigger and completely filled its place on the puzzle.

Congratulations. But do you also know the answer to the riddle?

"Yes," Courtney said.

Be careful, whispered the Light. You can't afford to make mistakes.

Thunder boomed and crashed.

One mistake and they are mine, mine, all mine! Thundered the voice of the Dark.
"We thought of two answers," Morgan said. "First we thought the answer was electricity, which gives light and heat and makes life better. But then Courtney thought that the answer could also be the Franklin stove."

Laughter echoed about the room. Explain!

"Franklin was a great man, an innovator," Morgan said. "He practiced energy efficiency long before his time and developed a stove that would give you more heat and light by using less wood."

"That makes life better for everyone," Courtney added.

Which answer do you choose? You have only one chance.

"Electricity fits the riddle," said Morgan hesitantly. "It's scientifically correct."
"But Franklin was the reason for our journey, and he was just learning about electricity," Courtney said. "No one had harnessed it yet for heat or light. So back then it didn't made life any better..."

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