"... like Franklin's stove did?" finished Collin.

Enough! You must choose! whispered the voice.

Morgan, Courtney and Collin looked at each other, indecision written on their faces.

"Go with the stove, Morgan," said Collin, finally.

"But electricity is an accurate answer," said Morgan.

"Yeah. But somehow ... the other answer feels right," he said.

Morgan looked at her friend Collin. Maybe he didn't pay attention in class like she and Courtney did, but he was bright. Best of all, she liked and trusted him.

Solemnly the three joined hands. Morgan took a deep breath and closed her eyes tightly. "We choose the stove," she said.

The thunder stopped, and Morgan knew their choice was correct.

Laughing, Collin wrapped an arm around his sister's neck and squeezed Morgan's hand. She realized that she felt happy that Collin was close by.

Once more a flaming orb flew out of nowhere and smacked the face of the puzzle, opening another black hole.

Morgan looked at the newest puzzle piece, gave thanks that she was with her best friends, and wondered what kind of mess they'd get into next. They had places to go, riddles to solve, and puzzle pieces to find. And, the sooner they did it, the better.

"I'm ready whenever you are," Morgan said to her friends. Once again they squeezed each other's hands, and then jumped into the hole of bright light.
It quickly faded into a frightening inky blackness.


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