"You've developed many other things, too, haven't you?" Courtney asked.

"Yes, indeed. 'Speak little, do much.' That's one of my mottos. That's why I've had the time to invent many things. Why, in 1744 I invented the stove that is named after me."

Collin looked at the rather round man. "You mean the potbellied stove?"

Franklin shot Collin the evil eye. "No, young man, the Franklin stove. It's an iron furnace instead of a fireplace. It produces much more heat using less wood, so it makes life better. It produces heat and light like other fireplaces, but the Franklin stove is safer...."

"Like the one we saw in the farmhouse," Morgan cried out. "That could be the right answer, too!"

Lightning struck a tree not 30 feet away. Thunder boomed, and a black cloud rolled across the land. "We've got to get out of here," Collin yelled.

"But the triangle," Morgan screamed. "If we have the answer, we should see the triangle!"

"I don't know where it is," Collin said, "but we've got to run for cover. Let's head for the farmhouse."

Collin and Courtney started to run but Morgan lagged back. "Aren't you coming with us, Mr. Franklin?" she asked.

"No, no. I must search for Nelly. I don't know where she has gotten to. I should have tied her better in this storm. 'A stitch in time saves nine,' you know." With a wave of his hand, he set out across the meadow in search of his horse, which had long ago run from the frightening storm.

Morgan ran, catching up with her two friends as Courtney cried,"Over there! There it is!"

Where Courtney was pointing Morgan saw the triangle of light standing in a grove of nearby trees.

Lighting crackled all around them. Thunder roared. The wind howled as the three raced toward the mysterious portal that would take them back to the void. They could feel the electrical charge in the air. As there was a blinding flash of lightning, they jumped through the triangle of light.

Breathless, hearts beating rapidly, their hair tossed and blown, they plopped down in the void.

"We've made it," Morgan gasped.

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