o sound. No wind. No light.

Collin tumbled and spun. He attempted to swallow the knot of fear in his throat -- but it wouldn't go away. He didn't mind primordial ooze, sea water, or lightning. Dungeons weren't too cool, but The Dark was the pits!

All he could think was: Have we been devoured?

And then he heard the laughter echoing through his head, and the whispering voice close to his ear.

The Dark Knight puts the Wizard to the test. What survives must be the best.

He heaved a heavy sigh. He was finally able to swallow. Hearing that voice meant they weren't goners yet!

A great gust of wind wrapped around him and with a whoosh he was spit from the dark vacuum of the tunnel. He shut his eyes. His shoulder smacked into something hard -- like a wall -- and he cracked open his eyelids when he heard Courtney and Morgan thump down beside him.

Just like the tunnel, there was no light, no sound, and very little air. He could barely move in the dark confining space.

"I think The Dark's won this time," Collin said ominously as he rubbed his shoulder.

"No, it hasn't," he heard Morgan say. He couldn't see her, but he could feel her moving about. Courtney moved, too.

"Where do you think we are this time?" Courtney asked.
"In the dark," Collin muttered, not quite convinced that they were someplace better.

"That's obvious!" Courtney told him. "Did anyone hear a riddle?"

Collin was afraid to admit that he'd heard it -- and that he couldn't remember it.
"I didn't hear anything," Morgan said.

"Me neither. What about you, Collin?" Courtney asked.

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