"Cool!" Collin thought as he remembered that fact. Maybe there were other scientific things tucked away in his brain that he might remember -- if he tried.

"Hurry, Collin!" Courtney cried out. "The triangle's fading."

Collin rushed into the narrow hallway. He saw Courtney and Morgan slip through the triangle. It was disappearing much too fast. He had to rush, and without giving it another thought, he dove for the triangle as if it were home plate and the ball was whizzing toward the catcher. His hands hit the light and he felt his body being sucked into the darkness.

An instant later he was sliding across the invisible floor of the void.

"We made it," he said, dusting off his hands as he stood.

Too much time. Too much time! The whispering voice bounced off the invisible walls and echoed around the children's ears.

"Give us a break," Courtney said. "The clues are getting harder. We're figuring them out as fast as we can."

Thunder roared. Lightning streaked from above, striking the floor at Collin's feet.
The Darkness nears. The answer! I must have the answer!

"Okay, okay!" Morgan shouted. "Thomas Edison is the Wizard who turns dark into light. He does many experiments, trying one thing after another until he gets it right. That's what the riddle's all about."

Good, now the puzzle piece. Have you brought it?

"Of course," Courtney answered. "We've brought back something from each place we've been." She turned to Collin, and he pulled from his pocket the filament that his friend, Thomas Alva "Al" Edison, had given him.

"What I have here is a piece of Thomas Edison's electric lamp," Collin said, fingering the filament just as Edison had done.

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