Morgan smiled. Collin was sticking up for her and for Courtney and for himself! He was braver than anyone she knew.

"The Curies were really, really poor. But they never stopped experimenting, they never stopped trying to make things better. And I'm not going to stop until you give me my sister back!"

You have no choice. You are mine! hissed the Dark.

Thunder bounced off the invisible walls. The snakes crept up even more quickly.

"Keep talking, Morg!" he pleaded. "There has to be something that will work."

Enough! I've heard enough!

"It's not enough," Morgan shouted. "We're going to fight you and never give up, even if you won't tell us that dumb old riddle."

A passionate response. But you have no answer.

The snakes slithered around their hips, their waists. They were rapidly being devoured by The Dark.

Collin reached out and Morgan took his hand.

"We won't give up, Morgan. We won't ever give up."

But The Darkness wasn't giving up either. It crept higher ... ever higher ...


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