With each adventure, they were getting closer to their own time.

She just hoped they were getting closer to Courtney as they rushed down hundreds of stairs.

"Courtney!" Collin yelled when they reached the open park at the bottom of the tower. Morgan shouted, too, but Courtney never answered.

"Do you think she could have landed somewhere else?" Collin asked.

Morgan nodded slowly, hating the thought of Courtney being all alone.

"Remember how she fell into that other hole? She left earlier than we did, but I'm sure she landed -- safely -- at some other place near here."

"I hope so," Collin whispered. Morgan could hear the fear in his voice.

"We'll find her, Collin. Maybe it would help if we figured out the riddle."

"What is it?" he asked.

"You mean you didn't hear anything?" Morgan watched, uneasy, as Collin shook his head. She sighed miserably. "Me, neither."

"Courtney must have been the one who heard it, then. She's probably trying to figure it out right now. We've got to find her and help her."

"But where do we begin?" Morgan asked, rubbing her arms in the cold. It must be close to freezing out here.

First, they had to figure out where they were. Perhaps that would help them solve the riddle -- or else they might never get home.

She looked at the busy city about them, and then tilted her head and stared up at the tower where they'd landed. "Oh, my gosh, Collin! I think we're in Paris, France," she announced proudly. "This looks like pictures I've seen of the Eiffel Tower."

"Oh, great! I don't know anything about Paris. Why, just once, couldn't we land someplace I might know about?" Collin mumbled.

"Like where? The middle of a soccer field?" Morgan teased.

"Sure, go ahead and laugh. I know about sports and stuff, but you just keep rubbing it in that I'm no good in science and history."

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