Crossword Puzzle Contest

As part of the Change a Light, Change the World campaign with ENERGY STAR®, you can win a FREE 2007 Energy Calendar for completing this game and mailing your answers to us.

Directions: Print this page using your browser's print command. Then you can fill in the words on printed paper. If you don't know how to print from the computer, ask an adult for help.

Across   Down
1. A common pollutant   2. Not dimmer
6. Below   3. Above
7. Pass with flying colors   4. A type of power
8. _ _ _ _ _ bulb   5. Light _ _ _ _
9. Noah's _ _ _.   6. Not down
10. Symbol signifies less energy is used   11. That which belongs to you
12. Very cold   13. Abbreviation for compact fluorescent lightbulb
16. Name of better lightbulb   14. The measure of light output
19. Name of older lightbulb   15. Peaceful
21. In addition   17. Unit of power equals 1,000 watts
23. Brighten with light   18. A body of water
25. A light brown   20. Trick or Treat sweets
26. A type of emission causing our climate to change.   22. To the inside of
    24. An older boy

To win a free 2007 California Energy Calendar, please fill in the information below. ASK YOUR PARENTS FIRST!

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City: _____________________________ State/Province: _____________

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Age: ________

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Mail all pages to:
California Energy Commission
Attn: Professor Questor
1516 Ninth Street, MS-29
Sacramento, CA 95814

Contest Rules:
  1. All words must be filled in correctly.
  2. Open to children of all ages.
  3. Limit one calendar per household.


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