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Test Your Energy IQ

Find Out How Energy Fuels America

From: U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Public and Consumer Affairs, Consumer and Public Liaison, Energy Information Administration.

Answers follow the questions.

  1. U.S. consumers use roughly as much energy heating water as cooling air.
    True; False.

  2. Energy use for air conditioning roughly double between 1990 and 1993.
    True; False.

  3. In most areas of the country, solar water heating now costs about the same as electric water heating.
    True; False.

  4. An energy-efficient showerhead can reduce the amount of water used for each shower by one-half.
    True; False.

  5. More than half of U.S. households have a personal computer.
    True; False.

  6. More than two-thirds of U.S. households have an automatic washing machine and a clothes dryer.
    True; False.

  7. The "Rinse-Hold" setting on your dishwasher saves energy when you just have a few soiled dishes.
    True; False.

  8. Always use cold water when flushing food down a kitchen garbage disposal.
    True; False.

  9. Transportation accounts for one-half of all U.S. petroleum consumption.
    True; False.

  10. The United States imports more than 50% of its oil.
    True; False.


  1. True.

  2. False. Comsumption has remained steady, with some 65% of U.S. households using air conditioning. But more homes are converting to central air conditioning.

  3. True.

  4. True.

  5. False. Roughly one-THIRD of U.S. households have a PC.

  6. True. 77% use washers and 71% use clothes dryers.

  7. False. The setting uses 3 to 7 gallons of water each time you use it, up to half of the water of a full 14 gallon wash cycle.

  8. True. Grease solidifies in cold water and can be ground up and washed away. Since you won't have to heat the water, you'll be using less energy.

  9. False. Transportation accounts for two-thirds or 65% of petroleum use in the U.S. In California, about 75% of all oil is used in transportation.

  10. True.

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