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Find-A-Word - Electricity

Find-A-Word Game Puzzle

Find the 22 words hidden on the grid above for the following phrases. The words can be hidden right to left, left to right, up and down or diagonally in the grid. And they can be forward or backward.

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  1. Measure of current
  2. Signal booster
  3. Storage device
  4. Lets current flow only in one direction
  5. Famed inventor
  6. He used a kite to demonstrate that lightning is a form of electricity
  7. Measure of the rate of oscillation in alternating currents
  8. Electrical power maker
  9. Device that generates an extremely narrow light beam
  10. Inventor who first demonstrated wireless communication
  11. Converts sound to electricity
  12. Form of energy used in a common kitchen appliance
  13. Controversial way of producing electricity
  14. Measure of electrical resistance
  15. Electrical control device
  16. Converts electricity to sound
  17. On-off device
  18. Device used to change current or voltage in AC circuits
  19. Miniature marvel of electronics
  20. Old device used in radio, TV, etc., now obsolete
  21. Measure of electrical potential
  22. Scottish inventor whose name is used as a measure of power

Click here for clues.

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