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Craft Project: Energy-Saving Labels

In my day, I was probably best known as a printer and publisher. You don't have to publish your own "Almanac" to be a printer. Here's a way to print your own energy-saving stickers for your light switches.

Before you begin, though, ask an adult for help because you'll need to use a knife to cut a potato in half. The easiest way to do this project is to print this entire page of instructions. If you don't know how to print from your computer, ask an adult for help.

Here's what you'll need to become a printer...

  • A pad of 2-inch by 2-inch adhesive notes (like Post-It Notes)
  • A potato at least as large as the picture above
  • A small sharp kitchen knife or crafts knife
  • A sheet of carbon paper
  • A stamp pad (at least 2-inch by 2-inch or larger)

Here's what to do next:

  1. Print this out onto paper so you'll have a picture of the potato with the backwards word OFF on it. If you only need the picture of the potato, print only the first page not all the pages.
  2. Cut a potato in half making a flat surface.
  3. Use the carbon paper to trace the backward OFF and arrow pattern onto the cut surface of the potato.
  4. With the knife, cut away the unshaded areas leaving the backwards off and arrow higher than the areas below it. (If you're too young to use a sharp knife, get an adult or someone older to help!)

You now have a "stamp" for printing your stickers!

Now let's print our energy-saving message!

Press the raised cut surface of the potato firmly onto the stamp pad.

Stamp it onto the top adhesive-backed sticky note.

Remove the note and stick it above a light switch, just like the picture on the right.

Make as many stickers as you like.

If your stamp stops working well, make anotherone using the other half of the potato.

The notes will help remind you and your family to turn off light switches when you leave a room.

Can YOU think of other places to stick them to remind you to turn things off?

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Page updated: May 1, 2002
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