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Energy Library - Books for (and recommended by) Students





ISBN Number

Year Published

  100 Inventions That Shaped World History Bill Yenne Bluewood Books, San Francisco, CA 0-912517-02-6 1993
  101 Things Every Kid Should Know About Science Samantha Beres Lowell House Juvenile, Los Angeles, CA 1-56565-916-3 1998
  15 Simple Things Californians Can Do to Recycle The Earthworks Group & California Dept. of Conservation's Division of Recycling Earthwork Press, Berkeley, CA 1-879682-06-06 1991
  25 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save Energy The Earthworks Group & Pacific Gas and Electric Company Earthwork Press, Berkeley, CA None - printed by PG&E 1992
  30 Simple Energy Things You Can Do to Save the Earth The Earthworks Group & Pacific Gas and Electric Company Earthwork Press, Berkeley, CA None - printed by PG&E 1990
  50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth The Earthworks Group Earthwork Press, Berkeley, CA 0-929634-0603 1989
  Attack of the Energy Vampire - Coloring Book Random House / Disney Random House, Incorporated 0736411976 2001
  Batteries, Bulbs and Wires: Science Facts and Experiments David Glover Kingfisher 1-85697-933-4 1993
  Charlie Brown's Encyclopedia of Energy: Based on the Charles M. Schulz Characters : Where We've Been, Where We're Going, and How We're Getting There Charles M. Schultz Random House Books for Young Readers 0394846826
may be out of print
  Done in the Sun: Solar Projects for Children Astrid Hillerman Sunstone Press 0865340188 1990
  Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Books: Electricity Steve Parker Dorling Kindersley, New York, NY 0-78945-577-3 2000
  Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Books: Energy Jack Challonger Dorling Kindersley, New York, NY 1-56458-232-9 2000
  Electricity Book: The Junior Technician's Guide to How Electricity Works Gene McWhorter Pompt Publications, An imprint of Howard W. Sams & Company, Indianapolis, IN 0-7906-1023-X 1992
  Energy from the Sun Allan Fowler Children's Press 0516262556 1998
  Energy: Light, Heat and Sound Jo Ellen Moor,Jill Norris,Marilyn Evans (Editor),Don Robison (Illustrator) Evan-Moor Educational Publishers 1557996903 1999
  Energy: Simple Experiments for Young Scientists Larry White Millbrook Press 0761300880 1996
  Energy: A Multimedia Guide for Children and Young Adults Judith H. Higgins Neal-Schuman Publishers, Incorporated 0874362660 1979
  Everyday Science Explained Curt Suplee National Geographic Society, Washington, DC 0-7922-7194-7 1998
  Full of Energy  Sally Hewitt, Helaine Cohen (Editors) Children's Press 0516263919 1998
  Handy Physics Answer Book P. Erik Gunderson Visible Ink Press, Detroit, MI 1-57859-058-2 1999
  Handy Science Answer Book, Second Edition Compiled by the Science and Technology Dept. of the Carnegie Library of Philadelphia Visible Ink Press, Detroit, MI 0-7876-1013-5 1997
  Letting Off Steam: The Story of Geothermal Energy Linda Jacobs Carolrhoda Books, Inc., Minneapolis, MN 0-87614-510-1 1989
  Marshall Brain's How Stuff Works Marshall Brain Hungry Minds, Inc. 0-76456-518-4 2001
  New Way Things Work David Macaulay Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, MA 0-395-93847-3 1998
  Pass the Energy, Please Barbara Shaw McKinney Dawn Publications 1-58469-002-X 2000
  Science Book of Energy Neil Ardley Harcourt 0152006117 1992
  Scientific American How Things Work Today Michael Wright and Mukul Patel Scientific American 0-37541-023-6 2000
  Usborne Young Scientist Philip Chapman Usborne Publishing Ltd., Scholastic Inc., New York, NY. Note: Scholastic Edition only available for distribution through the school market. 0-590-48703-5 1991
  What to Do When Your Mom or Dad Says…'Turn Off the Water & Lights' Joy Wilt Berry Word, Inc., Waco, TX 0-941510-23-9
currently out of print

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