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[Oops graphic] Did We Make a Mistake?

If you've found another mistake on our website....let us know and we'll send you a thank-you present!


1) On our home page, spilling a can of soda would definitely be a mistake, and having soda or food (an apple) near a computer would be a mistake. So, that's not the "mistake" we're looking for.

2) On our homepage, the clock is supposed to run backwards because it links to our "Energy Time Machine." So, that is not a mistake either.

3) The title of our game Watt's That is not misspelled. We meant it that way instead of "what's that." A watt is a measurement of energy and is named after James Watt, the Scottish engineer and inventor. Watt sounds like the word what. When two words sound alike but have different meanings, they are called homonyms. So, using the word "watt" instead of "what" is a play on words, a type of joke or pun.

4) The toys and phone on the floor should be picked up....but that's not a mistake.

So, if you found ANOTHER mistake, let us know!

First, ask your parents if it's OK to send us your name and address. We don't keep a copy of your name and address after we mail you your gift. If it is OK with your parents, please E-mail us the following information:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Mailing Address
  3. Your City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code and Country
  4. Your E-mail Address
  5. Your Parent's E-mail Address
  6. What the error was! Be specific and tell us what the correction should be (if you know)!

Send your e-mail to:

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