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You can sign up on this page to become a member of the energy educators' e-mail LIST SERVER and EQ FORUM.

LIST SERVER - Our automated mailing list was set-up by the California Energy Commission to promote interest among California educators in energy-related curriculum and other materials.

Using this list as a means of information teachers about the Commission's annual calendar contest, educators will be reminded of contest deadlines. Information, suggestions and new resources will also be shared among the teachers via this List Server. The Commission may also used this list to ask for input from teachers and parents on improving the content of our website and other environmental education materials. In keeping with state and federal privacy laws, your e-mail address is kept confidential.

To subscribe to our ENERGY QUEST List Server, enter your e-mail address completely:

Note: Your e-mail address must be exact and complete. Incorrect or incomplete addresses will not work. You will receive a welcoming e-mail to confirm your subscription.

EQ FORUM - You can also use our List Server as a bulletin board and discussion forum. We'd like to encourage teachers to dialogue with other teachers and parents. Our list server is a way by which educators can discuss lesson plans, share what is working and not working in the classroom, and ask questions and get answers. This list is moderated (we approve what is being mailed out before it goes to all subscribers), so "spam" and inappropriate e-mails will not be sent. We hope you will use our Education List Server & EQ Forum to make energy education better.

Thank You!

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California Energy Commission

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