Energy Education Resources

Video and DVD and links listed below do not cover all the audio/video materials on energy - there are many. You may want to go to your library or bookstore to see if they have and of these items. Or you can write the publisher. If you know of other videos on energy for children, please let us know by sending an e-mail to:

The Video Project
Educational videos on environment, science and social studies.

Description: San Francisco-based, the Video Project has a number of resources for teachers developing lessons plans around energy, renewables and the environment. Many award-winning energy films include teacher / curriculum guides. For more information and ordering, call 1-800-4-PLANET or please go to:

Library Video Company

Description: Library Video Company is a distributor of educational video, CD-ROM, audiobook and DVD to schools and public libraries nationwide. The company stocks more than 17,000 titles covering a diverse range of topics for all ages and grade levels. Each program has been carefully reviewed and selected for content that is appropriate for the classroom and public library setting. Please go to:

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